Windows Keeps Crashing (Blue Screen of Death)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:41 05 Dec 2011

STOP 0x000000EA, THREADSTUCKINDEVICEDRIVER This problem occurs because your computer has an Nvidia video card installed that uses the Nv4.sys video driver.

To see if your system is using one of these drivers use the following procedure:

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Under the Display Adapters icon, click to highlight the display adapter, right-click it, and then click Properties.
  3. Under the Driver tab, press the Driver Details button to view the driver names.
  4. If you have multiple display adapters, repeat these steps for each adapter.

To resolve this problem, obtain an updated driver by contacting your video card manufacturer, or visit the following Nvidia Web site:

0x1000007e and 0x1000008e are caused by the Audio driver, so again in device manager, update this driver

0x1000007f is a harder one and may be down to a hardware fault such as failing memory however it can be caused by a virus so run an uptodate virus checker and also can be caused by bad drivers so it may well go away when you have updated the other two drivers.

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