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Windows Internet Explorer 7 & Google Toolbar

  Zak 15:58 01 Nov 2006

Now that IE7 has a customisable search box any point having the Google Toolbar installed?

I still have it but I am seriously thinking of removing. Google TB Pop up blocker not necessary as IE7 has one, and I tend not to use any of the additional. Occasionally the highlighter is useful.

I am interested as to what your views are, pros and cons.

  anskyber 16:10 01 Nov 2006

I use the basic IE7 configuration since it is so easy to select different search engine for the search function.

I also do not use the menu bar since all the options are available through the drop downs on the command icons. I like simple screen to look at.

  Zak 19:25 02 Nov 2006

Fishing for views please.

  Zak 14:51 04 Nov 2006

Thanks for your replies. Thread being put to bed.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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