windows installer keeps starting: Office XP

  katedi 19:42 14 Apr 2003

Hi there everyone
I received my laptop back from higrade last week after a USB slot was reapired. since then the windows installer starts up every time I start an Office application. I have uninstalled Office and reinstalled it and it still happens. I have tried leaving the CD in the drive during application start up, but this makes no difference.
OS is windows XP pro: office XP pro
Any help gratefully received as this is irritating and slowing down application launch.

  Big Elf 20:26 14 Apr 2003

I'm guessing here (often have to due to the single brain cell refusing to work overtime). Try re-installing Office again but choose the customise option and click on the disk icon thingy (unusually this requires a left click) and choose the option to 'Run all from my computer'.

What I think may be happening is that the option to either 'Run from CD' or more likely 'Installed on first use' option has somehow been selected.

This is the only thing I can think of other than to get back to HiGrade and ask them to check what they've done as I would hope that they keep a log of work caried out.

  Big Elf 20:28 14 Apr 2003

I really wish I had the sense to run my posts through a splle cheker first.

  tomhealy 20:37 14 Apr 2003

I've got the same setup and have the same problem. Had done as Big Elf suggested and ran all from pc but still get the same thing happening.

You wouldn't happen to be using the Educational (student) version of office xp would you, katedi?

  katedi 21:18 14 Apr 2003

Hi Big Elf and tom healy,
I reinstalled using custom and clicked every single thing as run from my computer, but I will try your method big elf. No Tom, it is the full pro version and it has worked fine for nearly a year.
Not quite sure what Higrade could have done to it, cant think changing a usb port needs any software changes!
thanks for the help

  VoG™ 15:02 15 Apr 2003

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  ©®@$ђ 15:33 15 Apr 2003

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