Windows Installer

  RubyTuesday 12:39 03 May 2005

Hello there....each time I either start my pc (Ihave WindowsXP),or click on a programme on my desktop, the Windows Installer starts up and tries to install Microsoft Word 2002! It is driving me to distraction. Can anyone advise me as to how I stop this happening? I have been onto the Microsft site, but the info described for windows installer is so technical that I cant understand it. Thanks in advance.

  pauldonovan 13:01 03 May 2005

Or just some in particular? Presumably it doesn't go away after one time and you end up not being able to run anything?

It sounds like MSI thinks it has got to finish installing word...

  RubyTuesday 13:11 03 May 2005

It is with ANY program, and happens without me clicking anything aswell! Even when I have clicked on the cancel button, it still carries on! Funny thing is that I should have the Word programme on my pc, but actually I cannot find it!
My pc came with windows xp already installed on it, so unfortunately I do not have the cd.

  Joe R 13:20 03 May 2005


this may help you.

click here

  RubyTuesday 14:20 03 May 2005

Thanks for your help.....will try these options, but for me this is very scary! I am not very good with this sort of thing.....lets hope the Gremlins are watching and they take heed!!!!

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