Windows installation problems

  slabber 01:54 05 Dec 2003

I have a trusty old Elonex PI (200 MMX) 64Mb RAM in which had ISA graphics and sound cards (and previously ran OS Win 95). I had a spare PCI sound and graphics card. First I did an FDisk and then tried loading Win 98 with the ISA cards fitted but it kept crashing with vxd type error screens.
I then tried the same with PCI cards - same results initially, but eventually I managed a clean installation. But occassionaly the system crashes with similar vxd sreen errors, to those receivd during initial Win 98 installation.

I want to revert bach to the ISA cards, but the same issue arises during Win 98 loading. To revert back to original configuration (except upgrade to Win 98), would I:

1. Need to re-install the ISA cards and load the ISA card drivers first (they are all on floppies) and would they be DOS drivers? If so how?


Could a low BIOS battery cause these loading issues, or are there BIOS settings that may be hindering me?

The ISA cards are ATI graphics /Creative sound.
The PCI cards are generic equivalents.
The motherboard is OK and so are ALL cards.
All connections and cables are OK.

  Gongoozler 09:58 05 Dec 2003

Hi slabber. A low BIOS battery shouldn't cause these problems (unless it is causing the BIOS settings to become corrupted) because once the power is on the battery isn't used.

When installing Windows 98 I usually initially install with a minimum of hardware. To run the computer it is only necessary to have the graphics card in the motherboard, so I leave the sound card, modem etc until after I have a stable installation, then by adding the other cards one at a time I know which one is causing any conflicts.

  slabber 22:28 09 Dec 2003

Thanks Gongoozler, I'll try this next.

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