Windows install problems on my HHD

  James9002uk 17:45 13 Oct 2004

I recently upgraded my computer to an AMD-64 2800, Asus K8V-SE Deluxe S754, Kingston 1GB, and a Maxtor 6Y080L0 Plus 9 80GB.

The problem is that when i try and install windows 95/98/2000/XP it doesnt work!

Ive sent the BIOS to run from the CD and by using the floppy - boot disk and it still doesnt work, it formats the drive ok, installs the first part of windows on all ocassions but comes back a blank screen. Ive tried this on my old PIII 733 and i cant seem to get any of the HHD installed on that either. The jumpers are all set to Master and/or Slave, there are no faults with the drives. Ive tried copying my old HHD to the new one when its been formated, that doesnt work. Ive tried under Safe mode and in MS-DOS, i have dissabled RAID, enabled PNP, dissabled LBA and enabled it also the same with SMART.

Now i am running off my old HHD 20GB, and when i tired to just use that HHD, it didnt work, so i put the new HHD(maxtor) and it worked-and now needs this new HHD to run windows!

It is running now, but i would preffer the maxtor as my main HHD as it is faster and bigger.

Does anyone have any ideas? Please

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 18:02 13 Oct 2004

hi could you not use 20G HDD to run win95/98/2000/XP/linux ect and then use 80G for programs youll then have a 100GB computer,also do you mean HDD (being hard disk drive) or HHD (as in hoaxed hard drive).cheers.ben

  Rayuk 18:24 13 Oct 2004

Have you tried using the Maxter software to transfer your old hard drive os to the new one?

  James9002uk 20:27 13 Oct 2004

HHD as in Hard disk(drive) ive tried using the maxtor software, and ive transfered all the contents of my old HHD to the new one and it didnt load???

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