windows install error message

  22715240 09:08 07 Nov 2004

I have just installed a brand new hard drive. Formatted it, but am unable to install Windows on it. Setup says there is either a cached or compressed area on it (there certainly isn't to my knowledge) but on the installation setup I get an error message SU-0013 and install stops. Any help please?

  User-312386 09:14 07 Nov 2004

is it a ATA drive by any chance?

If it is you have to load the drivers for it

  Gongoozler 09:14 07 Nov 2004

What version of Windows, and how did you format the hard drive?

  22715240 12:45 07 Nov 2004

Thanks for the responses. It is an ATA/IDE, (no drivers came with it). I did try to put on Windows 95, as it was the only full version (not upgrade) I had. Then I tried XP but it would just not entertain that. The drive does act okay as a slave under ME.

  User-312386 22:19 07 Nov 2004

whats the make of drive?

You will need the disc for it

  Gongoozler 06:58 08 Nov 2004

From Microsoft:

"You may receive this error message if you install Windows 95 over Windows 95 OSR2 and you are using the FAT32 file system on your hard disk. You may also receive this error message if you are running EZ Drive and you have the Floppy Boot Protection option enabled in EZ Drive. To resolve this behavior, disable the Floppy Boot Protection option in EZ Drive." click here

If you have a computer that had Windows 95, it is very likely that the specification is too low for Windows XP. Can you give us more details about your computer.

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