Windows Home Premium 64bit/32bit

  chestnutcake 12:51 06 Jul 2011

Hi I am helping a neighbour who is considering purchasing an On-line CD Workshop Manual for his car. One seller stated this particular CD was only suitable for Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit systems. Can anyone advise as to whether there is much difference between 64 bit and 32 bit? I don't know what the difference is and am reluctant to tell him to buy the CD if 64bit which he has, would not be of any use.

  john bunyan 13:02 06 Jul 2011

Most 32 bit proogrammes work happily on a 64 bit system. I have w 7 64 bit but most of my programmes run in 32 bit mode under C:/Programme Files(x86)

  HondaMan 13:25 06 Jul 2011

Never heard that one before. Is the dealer perhaps trying to increase the price for a "64-bit compatible" CD?

  chestnutcake 13:33 06 Jul 2011

Thanks John, will take a chance and advise my Pal to get the CD.

HondaMan, no, the situation is that there were two different sellers of this Mazda CD. The one stated it would only run on 32bit. His listing must have finished last week perhaps, because I cannot see any details now. I therefore checked wsith the second Seller who makes no mention of compatibility but I wondered if they were identical CDs and so the 32bit would be an issue.

  morddwyd 20:24 06 Jul 2011

Would appreciate a final update when you have tried it, just for interest's sake.

  chestnutcake 20:57 06 Jul 2011

Hi Morddwyd

The CD will be coming from Cyprus so it will be about two weeks before I can give an update - will have fingers crossed, Will certianly post when it has been checked out.

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