Windows; HD to SSD w/o formatting HD

  Swinginking 01:05 19 Aug 2014

Ok, so here is my set up, I have 1x2 Terabytes Hard drives (hybrid) and a SSD with about 80GB free space (formatted).

The problem is, I have about 1.5 terabytes of files on my HD. But I want to boot my windows from the SSD not the HD.

So could I possibly install a copy of windows on the SSD, boot in to it and then "delete" windows from the HD without formatting it?

Or is there some sort of workaround for me


  alanrwood 09:27 19 Aug 2014

You can re-install Windows on the SSD but it will then require that you reinstall all your programs as the Registry files will be recreated and all your previous settings will be gone.

  Swinginking 02:54 20 Aug 2014

So then how would I get rid of the windows on HD? just delete?

  alanrwood 08:52 20 Aug 2014

Yes, you can delete the files but it would probably be cleaner to save your important files to another drive and reformat/repartition the old drive after which you can copy the important files back.

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