Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown

  benson68 17:34 15 Sep 2013

-or something like that! My Win 7 computer displays a “Windows experienced an unexpected shutdown” every time it starts. After about a week of this, it would suddenly restart, without warning, again, displaying this notice. A few days later, I would get the blue screen when it started. System restore doesn’t work. It goes through the motions, but displays a notice that it was unable to restore the computer & no files have been altered. Now, my AVG anti-virus is not working. The icon is white instead of coloured, & when I tried to download the latest AVG 2014 free, it froze up about 60% along the install progress bar. Can anyone help?

  rdave13 17:51 15 Sep 2013

First thought was graphics driver. Has windows update, or any other program, updated your GPU? If so go to device manager and roll back the driver. Second thought is malware. If you can still download then download these two,

sas free version

Malwarebytes free.

Run SAS iun safe mode, remove threats. Reboot to normal mode and run Malwarebytes. Remember to update both before scanning.

  benson68 08:59 16 Sep 2013

Thanks rdave13, but I am getting "the signature of SAS is corrupt or invalid" -or something like that. It won't go further, just gives me the option of deleting it. I've run Malwarebyes in safe mode. Nothing found. I deleted AVG & reinstalled 2014 version, but it can't complete the scan, can't update either.

  benson68 09:54 18 Sep 2013

Latest. Ive installed Avast, & since then have been able to uninstall AVG. I'm not getting any error messages or a blue screen now, but I can't connect with my bank! When I click on the "log in" I just get "unable to display this page" -or something like that. When I use System Mechanic, the first logo comes up without any colour, & the AVG icon that was on the desktop was just a blank as well, so I think that I've still got problems. Would a reinstall fix it? Does the Win7 installation DVD have a repair facility?

  bumpkin 11:23 18 Sep 2013

Win7 does have repair.

click here the link works Fruit Bat gives info in this thread.


  benson68 16:09 18 Sep 2013

bumkin, I've altered the bios to go to CD/DVD first, but the repair option in the installation DVD & the recovery disk is the same as the tools in safe mode. I've used the files & settings transfer wizard to copy my data to a caddy. -just in case. Would a reinstallation still have this fault? No malware has been found, except for a "pup" file that Malwarebyes found a few days ago. These are unwanted items that the updated Malwarebytes has just started reporting recently. I don't think that they'd be harmful. Apart from not being able to log in at my bank, things seem to be OK for now, although someone has suggested that my HDD may be on the way out! Hence the "files & settings transfer wizard ".

Jock1e I've never heard of Hitmanpro, & I'm a bit reluctant to give it access to my computer.

  benson68 16:18 18 Sep 2013

I am getting a lot of "not responding" messages though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:26 18 Sep 2013

Windows has a built in repair function (if you can get windows to boot in normal or safemode)


sfc /scannow

in the Search box and press OK (beware of the space after sfc)

Windows will scan for and replace missing or corrupt files this will take some time to complete (there will be no messages about whether files have been replace and the scan will just end on completion with no messages.

Then its just matter of seeing if the fault reoccurs.

  bumpkin 16:27 18 Sep 2013

" I've altered the bios to go to CD/DVD first, but the repair option in the installation DVD & the recovery disk is the same as the tools in safe mode."

Then it is not booting from the CD. Maybe you missed the boot from CD message on screen. Have a close read of the dierections give by Fruit Bat in my link.

Or disable all boot options in BIOS other than CD if it will let you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 18 Sep 2013

Yes the repair options on the DSD are exactly the same as the Advance tools menu on a system that has been preinstalled.

Try sfc /scannow before getting drastic with a reinstall or a back to factory settings.

  bumpkin 16:36 18 Sep 2013

Sorry Fruit Bat I posted a few seconds after you before I had seen your reply.

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