Windows has closed to protect your pc...

  [DELETED] 23:03 08 Mar 2006

I'm running a P4 3.2 with 3gb ram. I recently had problems with the pc cutting out for no apparent reason and further to advice from people in more know than me, I have replaced first the fan unit on the graphics card (6800GT) and then the PSU with a Hiper Modular 580w unit. The latter seemed to solve the matter.

Yesterday whilst surfing the net I suddenly hear the pc beside me go quiet - this is unusual as the cpu cooler is a large Gigabyte unit with a pretty loud fan atop a heavy sink. A moment later the system froze completely and dropped me to a blue screen with something like
"Windows has closed to protect your pc. If this is the first time you've seen this screen please reboot as normal. If this is not the first time then please remove any recently installed equipment....."

I rebooted the system ok, but quickly exited as I was freaked out.

I can't reasonably remove the psu...I need it!

Anyway the pc's been ok for a few days and obviously the psu works because of the reboot.

Before the above occurred I was aware of but couldn't place, a modulating whine somewhere in the system which I now guess was the cpu's fan. Assuming that the sudden silence was the cpu fan cutting out, is it reasonable to guess that the system shut down to prevent the cpu frying?

When I got the psu I also got a replacement sink and fan because I was already worried about these, is it equally reasonable to guess that the cpu fan is failing and I should go ahead and replace sink & fan?

(Apologies if I'm asking for assurance more than advice....I'm not a techie and frankly if replacing sink and fan don't fix this I'm pretty much stumped.)

  johnnyrocker 23:18 08 Mar 2006

i am not much of a techie pc wise but i am with electronics and my first instinct is to say that you are right in your thinking and do exactly as your instict so far has told you (unless anyone out there with better knowledge advises otherwise)


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