Windows Genuine Advantage Plug-In for Firefox

  J B 11:07 19 Nov 2005

Morning all, this little tidbit came as some what of a surprise this morning,so I had a quick look around the forum and I couldn't find any posts on the subject so here goes. Go to click here scroll down to the heading that says "Microsoft Says That Firefox Is OK" dated 17 November 2005 and click on the link and you will be taken to a site so you can download a plug-in that will in effect let you download Microsoft Updates and so on from Firefox itself instead of going thru Internet Explorer. J.B.

  chub_tor 11:37 19 Nov 2005

Tried this and it installed OK but still couldn't get to the Windows update page with Firefox.

  Stuartli 11:45 19 Nov 2005

I use Firefox and the WindowsUpdate service is automatic (along with AntiSpyware); I also have no problems using the monthly MS Security Bulletin page to get the updates if, by any chance, it's necessary or quicker.

You'll probably have to Enable "Allow Websites to Install Software" from Firefox's Toos>Options>Web Features tab.

  chub_tor 11:57 19 Nov 2005

Checked the Firefox options and the Allow Websites to Install Software box is ticked. But I still find that if I try to go to the Windows update page it says

Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site.

To use this site, you must be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later.

To upgrade to the latest version of the browser, go to the Internet Explorer Downloads website.

  J B 12:29 19 Nov 2005

I think I might have goofed up, I cannot get to the windows update page either, but, I can get downloads from MS from their download site. I just wonder if the update site is an IE site only. I really thought this would work with the update site, apparrantly I was mistaken. J.B.

  J B 14:15 19 Nov 2005

Further to my above comment, I have e-mailed MS to get clarification on just what this plug-in does and doesn't do, and also asked them if it doesn't do what it says on the tin what was the idea of puting the darn thing out in the first place!!! Don't think that I will get a reply anytime soon so, if and when I do I will let you all know what they have to say. J.B.

  ade.h 18:34 19 Nov 2005

Setting Opera to identify itself as IE doesn't fool it either.

  dagwoood 21:05 19 Nov 2005

To quote from the M/S page, "You may download and install the Windows Genuine Advantage Plug-in in order to use this web site for validation of your copy of Windows".

As that reads, the plug-in is for visiting the M/S site using Firefox and verifying that your copy of windows is genuine.

  PC Bilbo 22:39 19 Nov 2005

Thanks for this.

I have been looking to use F.F. 100% but thwarted by the download issue.

Downloaded into F.F. succesfully.

  PC Bilbo 22:45 19 Nov 2005

Should have mentioned that in XP I had to change "Set Program Access and Defaults" then it will work - mine did.

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