Windows Genuine Advantage - do I have it or not?

  Pineman100 09:10 20 Nov 2008

I run Windows XP.

I have Softpedia's little "Remove WGA" tool installed on my computer, to make sure that I can get rid of Microsoft's "Windows Genuine Advantage" spyware (not because I run pirate sofware, but because I think it's a disgaceful intrusion on my computer).

When I run the tool, it reports "WGA is not currently active on your system".

But when I look in my list of Windows updates, WGA is listed there.

Does anyone know what's going on, please?

  Technotiger 09:24 20 Nov 2008

Not currently active - means just that, even though it is on your computer. It has to be activated by you the user, or not - so you can ignore it.

I have it on mine too, I activated it some time ago, then realised I did not need it, so de-activated it again. Can't remember off-hand how I de-activated it though.

  woodchip 09:25 20 Nov 2008

It loads the WGA every time you do a XP update, if you do not OK it then Windows will not update. You could remove it in Add Remove Programs as next time it should ask to load before taking you to the updates page

  Technotiger 09:26 20 Nov 2008

My Windows auto-updates without any problem!

  Pineman100 09:28 20 Nov 2008

I'm set for automatic updates and they're coming through fine.

In Add/Remove Programs, if you click on WGA, it says you can't uninstall it.

  hiwatt 09:59 20 Nov 2008

You can't uninstall WGA via add/remove programs.

  Pineman100 12:46 20 Nov 2008

It sounds as though actually uninstalling WGA is not on the cards (I still think that's a flagrant invasion of my computer by Microsoft), but so long as it's not active, I suppose I'd better just accept that it's sitting there on the system.

Many thanks, everyone, for your help and advice. Much appreciated.

  provider 2 12:54 20 Nov 2008

Some information, some criticisms etc, Wikipedia:

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