Windows Genuine Advantage

  shuggee 20:30 18 Mar 2007

Can anyone tell me if there is any advantage with this - is it to my advantage or Microsoft's?

If, as I suspect, having this is not beneficial to me, is there any way I can remove it?


  Fingees 20:35 18 Mar 2007

Without it, you can't update mwindows.

It verifies that you have a genuine legal copy.

  p;3 20:44 18 Mar 2007

of interest, are you trying to run a non- genuine legal windows?

  woodchip 20:49 18 Mar 2007

Don't think I loaded it on MY XP comps, and they update ok. I remove the tick for it when I run update Manually

  shuggee 21:21 18 Mar 2007

My copy of windows is legit, it came with the computer.

I was just concerned about what information might be collected.

Thanks for the replies,

  lotvic 21:28 18 Mar 2007

To remove WGA and the blue star that is in your bottom right hand corner see this pca thread click here

  freaky 21:30 18 Mar 2007

As long as your OPS is genuine, then having Windows Genuine Advantage on your PC is an advantage, Windows Updates will download automatically without the need to search for them.

  lotvic 21:41 18 Mar 2007

My Microsoft Windows Updates download automatically without the need to search for them.

I haven't got WGA installed (I declined it when it came in Updates - I always choose Custom not Express install)

I have a Dell and it came with genuine XP OS installed.

  Stuartli 21:56 18 Mar 2007

As lotvic rightly points out, choosing Notify Me of Security Updates but don't Install them in Windows Update (Security Center) allows you to choose, via Custom, which updates to download and those to reject.

WGA has nothing to do with this selection choice.

  Stuartli 21:59 18 Mar 2007

I should also have stated that you cannot download most other Microsoft website software unless your OS has been validated.

For obvious reasons MS decided to allow Security and similar updates to be downloaded whether the OS in use is legal or not.

  p;3 22:16 18 Mar 2007

one could say that just because the windows version came with the comp does not necesarily mean it is legit; another thread I dipped into had a similar probelm in that their comp did not have a legit version of XP on it as they eventlauly found out

are you having problems authenticating your version of windows to get your updates?

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