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  tomasel 12:40 06 Apr 2006

MS has put this thing in I/E and blocks my Windows updates because it says my 4 yr old XP Pro/SP2 in not legal.
The prog. was on a PC made to spec. and I was told that it was correctly licensed.
Windows support tried unsuccessfully to sort it out. I cannot disable WGA.
Windows Diagnostic Data gives Validation Status as "Blocked VLK", part of a product key and a 28 character product key hash and a lot of other stuff that is way over my head.
Ideas please and is there any way that I can confirm the legality?

  ventanas 12:45 06 Apr 2006

Can you still contact the place where you had it built and ask them to explain it.

  ventanas 12:46 06 Apr 2006

I meant to add, when you were supplied with the finished pc, did they also give you the XP disc for the installation. If not it sounds just a bit dodgy.

  lotvic 13:03 06 Apr 2006

a google search for XP find Product Key reveals what to do
click here

  tarkus 13:37 06 Apr 2006

Blocked VLK means that the company who built your pc used a volume licence key to install the operating system. All of the pirated VLK's have now been blocked and you unfortunatly have been stung by the peole who built your pc you paid for a full licenced XP disc, you got a pirated copy installed on your pc instead did you get a win xp disc with this system or just a restore disk or partition made by the people who built pc.

  Stuartli 13:53 06 Apr 2006

Scroll about two-thirds of the way down this link:

click here

  tomasel 15:52 06 Apr 2006

Thanks but firm not interested

  tomasel 15:57 06 Apr 2006

Thanks, interesting site but cant find viewkey.exe on my PC and I know product key - see Tarkus

  tomasel 16:04 06 Apr 2006

Thanks very informative but WGA Diagnostic Data quotes my product key except for the first two blocks of five which are given as ***** ***** presumably for security. I have these two blocks to complete my key. Does that not mean that my prog is genuine? i.e. I have all five blocks of five which I have given to MS Support.

  tomasel 16:07 06 Apr 2006

Thanks but no MS scroll list seen.

  ventanas 16:34 06 Apr 2006

You say they are not interested. This makes me smell a rat straight away. If it was really genuine I'm sure they would want to vindicate themselves. You haven't said whether or not you were given the XP disc, but I suspect not.

I know a long time has gone by since you obtained this pc, but that does not excuse the supplier. I would have a look here before you decide what do do next click here

I would also be interested to know what the supplier actually said to you. I'm a member of this lot click here so anything like this if of interest to me. If any outfit is installing illegal copies of Windows they want stopping, and quick.

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