Windows Freezes

  Manie 18:55 12 Feb 2009

I just updated to IE7 a couple of weeks ago. Ever since then, my browser
often will close with no error message provided or will freeze. It seems to
happen randomly on various sites and not on any site in particular.
Sometimes when browsing to a new site or sometimes when browsing within a

I'm running Windows XP SP3 and I have all the latest MS updates.

Any suggestions on what I can do to prevent this from happening? I'm VERY


  User-1229748 19:06 12 Feb 2009

try running ie7 with no add ons to see if that helps

  clock 23:40 12 Feb 2009

Hi, Manie, I've been having the same problem for several weeks now like others who have made earlier posts on the Forum. Took add ons off but next time on line they re-instate themselves, and in any case not sure it made any difference! As per suggestions on other posts checked, then changed ActiveX, to prompt from enable, still get freezes. Tonight, having restarted after freeze, check disk came up and proceeded to alter/delete some errors and re-instate some orphaned files. This has happened twice in the last few weeks. There has also been a suggestion that Flash Player might be the cause, but I've not done anything about that! Will follow your progress to see if it will help me as well! Good luck!


  woodchip 23:55 12 Feb 2009

Beats me why people use IE I dumped it long ago. as it was nothing but trouble this was way back version 5 I only use Version 6 on my XP comps to Update XP Used to use Netscape still do for my mail but use Flock browser with Firefox engine

  clock 09:28 14 Feb 2009

Just wondered if you'd tried disabling add ons and whether it had worked???


  Manie 10:40 14 Feb 2009

Nothing I have try-ed so far has helped.
Am considering to format and reinstall windows.

  clock 18:14 14 Feb 2009

Hi, Manie,

Don't know if you are sorted? I had a chat with my computer supplier this morning and he suggested that I disable the 3 AVG Toolbar & Helper add ons which I've done. So on Internet Explorer, Tools - Manage Add ons - Disable AVG entries. I've done it, but too early to say if it will completely solve the problem!


P.S. I also disabled the 2 Google Toolbar add ons as I don't use it, plus Shockwave Flash Object, Active X.

  woodchip 18:24 14 Feb 2009

I have used the first of this link before when I used IE it did work. All I can Say is try it click here

  clock 09:34 19 Feb 2009

Hi, Manie,
I assume you have sorted your problem by now? But this thread not ticked as resolved??

I managed to sort my computer freeze out, or at least I think I have, as it's been OK for a couple of days now. Don't know if you have AVG 8 free edition loaded but I have, and because I liked to manually update, I had Automatic Update disabled. Couple of days ago I decided to change it back to Automatic Update on, because I felt AVG was where my problem was. No freeze since!

Maybe just coincidence??


  Manie 13:05 19 Feb 2009

Thank you to all of you.
I have sorted the problem and
think that I have solved it.
I have deleted Search & destroy from my
computer and it is working O.K. now.

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