Windows Font Size.

  AJ25 19:49 31 Mar 2006

I have an IBM Thinkpad R52. The best screen resolution I seem to be able to have is 1400 x 1050. This is fine except that when in Windows Explorer, Desktop etc the font size is stangely large. When I click on the properties of e.g Desktop, the window that opens shows nice small text but still the folder tree and icons on desktop are big.

How can I make my folder tree smaller (so I can see more on one screen)?

Second. How can I tell the maximum screen res I should be able to get on my other PCs in the house?

  Stuartli 19:55 31 Mar 2006

The answer to both questions can be found by right clicking on an empty section of the Desktop>Properties>Appearance tab (for fonts) and then the Settings tab for display details.

Go to the Settings tab>Adapter>List All Modes button.

Here a full run down of all the colour, resolution and refresh rates the graphics card will support are listed - highlight the one you require and double click on it. Select Do Not Reboot when making changes (or similar wording).

  AJ25 20:08 31 Mar 2006

OK. I went there. There I saw many options. I chose a resoution 1600 x 1200. When I apply it, my icons have disappeared to the left of the screen on the desktop. I have a feeling that the monitor does not support the settings the graphics card can. That's what I was trying to find out. How to tell what the monitor can handle

  AJ25 20:10 31 Mar 2006

Also it doesn't explain why my folder tree shows larger text than for example the task bar or the properties windows that pop up on a right click of a folder

  AJ25 20:25 31 Mar 2006

OK I solved part of it myself. By changing the appearence from Windows XP to Windows Classic Style, my tree font is smaller...I can see more.

But still I don't know how to tell what is the maximum resolution any given monitor / disply screen can take.

Please help with this

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:51 31 Mar 2006

You can change font colours and botton sizes etc in control panel/display/appearance/advanced. There is a box labelled item which lists all the various components of the explorer skin. Whilst in display go to settings/advanced and usually you can call up a list of supported resolutions.

  AJ25 20:58 31 Mar 2006

I think this is pretty much what Stuartli was suggesting. It doesn't answer my question though. In list all modes I can choose all sorts of resolutions but some of the higher ones just make the icons disappear off the screen.

  VoG II 21:02 31 Mar 2006

It is normally best to operate a monitor at its native resolution - the manual should tell you what that is.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:27 31 Mar 2006

There is a box labelled "hide resolutions the monitor cannot display", whats left should answer your question.

  Stuartli 23:30 31 Mar 2006

The icons will disappear off the screen because of the resolution selected.

In most cases, if you alter the resolution, then the icons will be moved around and you have to drag them back to where they were orginally.

So first select a resolution that ensures all the icons are visible, drag them into the central area and, when you select the chosen resoltuion, drag them to where you want them to be available.

Also don't forget the Arrange Icons By... menu, again from right clicking on the Desktop.

  AJ25 09:34 01 Apr 2006

VoG this sounds to me like it's the most likely answer. Unfortunately I don't have a manual. Is there another way to find it's native resolution

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