Windows Folder

  Chipman 10:19 09 Oct 2003

I am running Windows 98se. On checking my Windows folder I find it is taking up 1.82Gb of disk space. This seems a phenomenal amount. Any views out there?

  MAJ 10:36 09 Oct 2003

Mine is 1.2gig, Chipman, but it depends on what you've got in there. Have you explored the folder to see what's taking up the space?

  Taff36 10:59 09 Oct 2003

Laptop XP Pro 1.5 Gig
Workstation NT4 - Only 500 MB

Have you cleaned out any .tmp & .chk files? They can mount up but I wouldn`t have thought too much. I suspect that it`s about right but see what others report

  Chipman 11:12 09 Oct 2003

Nothing really stands out its all made up of bits and pieces

  dth 11:13 09 Oct 2003

Does seem big. Just set up Win 98 on a wiped p/c and it the whole p/c only came to 450 mb - including all the windows updates and ie6

  Craig.m 11:14 09 Oct 2003

I have 98SE on a laptop and the windows folder is about 1Gb but in there are all the temo files, you may also have some recovery files in there as well as programme files. It all depends on how you machine is set up. All the clever backgrounds and samples take up quite a lot of space, you can have a look at what is installed and see about cleaning it out.

If you go to the add and remove programmes and see the Windows setup tab, in there it will show you a lot of the installed components and what space they are taking up - I have taken a lot out but it still takes up 14MB with the installed components I have left.

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