Windows Fax Driver: Not on my XP Home Disc???

  the tog 13:34 17 Jul 2008

Hi, I need to use the fax facility in XP Home but it asks for Service Pack 2 Disc which i do not have. Tried looking on MS Downloads and couldn't find any help.
Downloaded SP2 earlier bit it appears to be an executable file and not searchable. Any help apreciated.

PS: Why is it not on the XP Home disc? :(

  Poitier 14:43 17 Jul 2008

Hi tog,
It sounds as though your disc only has SP1 on it as though it was produced before SP2 was released.As you have downloaded SP2 why do you not install it?

  the tog 14:49 17 Jul 2008

Hi Poitier, error message when trying to run XP2 is :
"The expected version of the product was not found on you system" So i'm having trouble even getting sp2 to run. If i can beg borrow or steal a copy, will this enable me to fax from my desktop?

  ronalddonald 15:35 17 Jul 2008

possible if you back up all your personal files on external drive, and then install sp2 from a purchased disc not a borrowed one since MS wont be happy and because of their rules.

This woul mean reformatting the hard drive and instaling a fresh copy of windws onto the drive and instaling the drivers as well as software. Also you would ahve toregister the windows xp disc.

You can buy xp sp2 from click here and click here.

Dont borrow from another source Micosoft has its own rules. You use to be able to go back to the shop where it supplied the original disc and ask for the newer version but now that seems impossible.

Good luck

  the tog 15:39 17 Jul 2008

thanks ronalddonald, i'll get a disc and let someone with a little more knowledge do the rest :) I thought i could simply download a dll file or something and be ready to go, slowly but surely does it i guess.
The Tog

  tullie 16:51 17 Jul 2008

Why would the tog purchase sp2 when he allready has it for free from Microsoft?

  Poitier 16:03 18 Jul 2008

Hi tog,
Puzzled by your reply.If you right click 'My Computer' then left click 'Properties'you should see which version you are using.With dial up the modem has to be a fax modem but as you have downloaded SP2 I assume that you are on broadband.SP2 should be installed anyhow for security reasons.As Tullie says you already have it.To install it you must leave the internet ,close all running programs including the anti virus before running it.

  the tog 16:31 18 Jul 2008

Hi Guys, yes i had 2 downloads which said SP2, only 1 was a working file. Got that on my PC now and things are better, and i can fax also.
I didn't know to ask vendor at time of buying?

Thanks again,

the tog

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