Windows fails to connect to System Event Notification Service

  tallboy 09:17 06 Feb 2013

For some reason, I am now getting pop-up messages when I start up saying 'Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service' and that 'This problem prevents standard users logging on to the System'. At the same time, I notice that the tray bar at the bottom of the screen comes up in a light grey colour rather than it's normal darkish grey.

What's going on and how do I fix it?

Suggestions gratefully received.


  Newuser4165 10:45 06 Feb 2013

I had an identical problem just before Christmas on my Win7 pc.I fixed my problem bysetting the pc to normal startup rather than selective startup. Run msconfig from start menu and select normal startup.

  tallboy 19:20 06 Feb 2013

Thanks for the replies Jock1e & Newuser4165. I should have said that I'm running 64-bit Win7. I ran msconfig and found that the PC is already set to 'normal startup.

Does your suggestion Jock1e also apply to Win 7? If so, I'll give that a try.

I've also noticed another annoying problem (which doesn't always occur) and that is on some action windows the places where there are 'buttons' that ask for action are showing random & mixed colours rather than the text that should be there. The buttons still appear to work (if you already know what the text is). Any ideas how to fix that?

  tallboy 09:40 07 Feb 2013

The fix for Vista seems to have worked OK for Windows 7 as well. Thanks for the post Jock1e

  Jollyjohn 12:11 07 Feb 2013

I came across this on an Acer laptop and it prevented connection to the internet, wired or wireless.

Acer suggested restoring to factory defaults settings - but a system restore to the day before the problem occurred has fixed it for now. We are monitoring updates carefully in case it re occurs.

  tallboy 12:32 07 Feb 2013

Interesting feedback jollyjohn.

Also see my post 'Windows 7 64-bit graphics start-up problems' I can't see any connection between the graphics problems I'm having & winsock, but it's strange that when I have run Jock1e's solution (which I have done a couple of times now) the graphics problem has gone away.

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