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  hawthorn59 01:49 26 Jul 2011

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Posted Today, 02:41 AM Hi Folks.

I sold my previous HP Laptop tp a friend and about 8-9 months later there are problems. Everything was running so slowly, I tried virus and spyware scans but to no avail, it was still taking over 5 minutes to open.

Got my nephew to reformat the HD (he works in IT, but has gone back after the weekend now!). We had the original Windows 7 disk, so used that.

All went well last night at first.Then I downloaded MSE, Adobe, and Flash, also Firefox 5 and Superantispyware. All was going well, very fast. Turned on this morning and it wont load!

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software....(screen disappeared b4 i had chance to take notes)"

Then it loaded Startup Repair, and went through the process. It will go no further even after shutting down and restarting.

Get a message I dont understand:

6.1.7600.16385. unknown, -1, AutoFailer, 2, Corrupt Registry. 6.1.7600. then when I go to advanced, a load of messages I dont understand, and finally, Root cause Registry Corrupt. Get the same thing every time!!!

Could it be the Hard Drive? Also I found the full text of the message mentioned above, and note that 1 option was to put in the Disc and turn on. Havent done that. If that is your advice I will wait till he is home again!

Any ideas or opinions?



  c4rm0 07:44 26 Jul 2011

Sounds like the Registry is corrupt What was the last piece of software to be installed ? was any new hardware plugged in ? scanner ? printer ect

i would try boot into the Repair my computer option and try a system restore to a earlier point in time

If you want to test the HDD Boot into repair my computer and choose the command prompt option and then type in chkdsk /r /f. I would also run a memory test as it could be faulty RAM

  mgmcc 17:56 26 Jul 2011

If you have installed several items of software and rebooted during the process, try booting the Last Known Good Configuration which should use the last good version of the registry.

Immediately after powering on, tap the F8 key until the Boot Menu is displayed and select the Last Known Good Configuration option.

  hawthorn59 01:03 27 Jul 2011

Hi mgmcc

I just tried that, and System Repair came into action, and I was back to the same messages as before. Immediately I click "Finish" the laptop powers off.


  hawthorn59 01:15 27 Jul 2011


The last piece of software was Firefox 5.

Booted into Started Repair and everything appears to be successful. Then it says Startup Repair has tried several times but still cannot determine the cause of the problem.

When I open it in safe mode it again goes into Startup Repair. Same thing when I try safe mode with command prompt.

So I think I'll have to wait for the nephew to come home at the weekend again!

Could I or should I try booting from the Windows 7 disk?



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