Windows to External HDD Issue.

  Bogezzus 03:16 03 Apr 2017

So I transferred Windows 10 to my Ext HDD via Windows Media Tool and not only did it format my Ext HDD which I messed up on, it changed it from 1TB to 32Gb capacity. Is there any way to get my original 1Tb capacity back?

  alanrwood 09:24 03 Apr 2017

It would seem that it formatted in FAT16 (or32, can't remember offhand). You need to format in NTFS. What did you want to achieve by transferring Win 10 to an external drive. You can't really run a computer with its operating system on an external drive.

  Bogezzus 12:54 03 Apr 2017

I wanted to reinstall Windows after a reset of my computer, I have the free upgrade of Windows 10 so I needed a backup. First time doing anything like that so I kinda messed up ha. Running a data recovery tool to hopefully get my stuff back right now.

  Burn-it 15:14 03 Apr 2017

There is a huge difference between backing up to an external disk and installing to one. Windows is not designed to run from one, so without special effort will not work.

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