Windows Exporer - Lost it!!

  Housten 16:35 06 Jul 2014

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I am in desperate need of your help. I do not know what I have done, but what I do know is that I have committed a stupid.

I scanned some documents into my computer, and they went in to 'My Pictures' under libraries. I wished them elsewhere and so copied them into a new folder. Then I did something - I have not got a clue what - and now 'Windows Explorer' only gives me the 'Libraries' - nothing else. What I had before was a list of all my files and any additional drives that I attached to my computer, with the 'Libraries' and one or two other things at the top. But now I can not get any folders on 'C:\' or any other drive!! Can someone please tell me how I can access my computer, please. I have tried Organise, View, Tools and others but am completely stumped. All I want to do is to get it back the way it has always been.

Many thanks for reading this, and even more to anyone who can help me get back to where I was.

  Ian in Northampton 16:40 06 Jul 2014

Does this help? If not, there seem to be plenty of other entries when you Goggle "Windows Explorer only shows libraries"

  Housten 20:08 06 Jul 2014

Ian in Northampton

Many thanks for your suggestion, but your inclusion of the google option - I think - meant you were not entirely sure that it would work. Well you were correct. In fact it got even worse, as the first few from google said they did work, but not for me. My wife insisted I had tea, so I tried googling again and found 'The Geek' - or something like that - and then I followed his advice. I inserted the code for Explorer to open in 'My Computer' and it did. My only complaint is that there are all sorts of other folders in the list, whereas I would just prefer it to open at 'C:'. but what the he**, it works not all that well but it works!!! Many, many thanks for your suggestions.


I agree with you that a system restore - on the face of it - is a sensible solution. Only problem is that my computer gave up doing system restores that work 3 or 4 years ago, so I do not trust it to be a worthwhile option. However thank you for taking the time and trouble to make your suggestion.

  Batch 10:02 07 Jul 2014

I'm not sure that something as drastic as a restore is required. It sounds to me that you have somehow changed the default view that WE gives when you start it up.

Try this (starting from the Desktop):

  • Click on Start

  • In the Search Programs and Files box type Run

  • Select Run from the list that appears

  • In the box that should then appear, type %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

  • Click OK

That should open up WE with a pretty reasonable view. Let us know whether that works and report back here.

  Peter 10:34 07 Jul 2014


Perhaps the Window+E key combination is another solution. It brings up Windows Explorer in a fairly basic mode.


  alanrwood 18:18 07 Jul 2014

Why not right click on the desktop and select New/Shortcut. Enter "C:\Windows\explorer,exe" on the first screen then click on next and on the second enter "Windows Explorer". This should create a shorrtcut on the desktop which can be copied/dragged anywhere else.

  lotvic 22:42 07 Jul 2014

click on 'Organise' drop down menu | 'Layout' | and put a tick against 'Navigation Pane'

  alanrwood 08:16 08 Jul 2014

Sorry, misread the original post, Ignore my earlier response.

  Housten 15:40 09 Jul 2014


I know you said to ignore your response, but it worked!! It is now back to virtually the way it was; plenty good enough for me. Many thanks!!

lotvic Tried your way, could not get any alteration no matter what I did to 'Navigation Pane'!! But many thanks for your help.


Tried to follow your instructions. After typing 'Run' in first box there was no way to select 'Run' in second box as it did not appear in the drop down list. Many thanks for your help, though.


Many thanks from stopping me wasting my time. This sort of thing makes me really angry that your time has been wasted and I know it is silly but I feel it reflects on me and annoys the FE. I know it is over the top but I sometimes feel that shooting these people is too kind. This will probably annoy some but these people are getting through to some and either costing them a lot in time and/or money. I just feel that this sort of thing should not be allowed and those responsible should have a backlash of some sort. Your help was thankfully received.

  lotvic 16:51 09 Jul 2014

Housten, may I ask who 'these people' are that you are annoyed with? as far as I can see it is you who have altered a setting and then didn't know how to put it back to how it was (fair enough, it's a common problem for all of us at sometime or another), however you seem to very annoyed with 'these people' and I can't see how 'they' got the blame or who they might be.

  Housten 15:31 12 Jul 2014


There are at least two posts that are now missing! The first was one from some one - person or firm? I don't know that Jock1e said was spam and that he had let the FE know. These at least are missing, and it is about 'these people' that I was complaining NOT about the many people - like yourself - who try to help the idiots - like me - who commit a stupid at times. It is unfortunate that you read my last comment after the FE had deleted the offending one and Jock1e's very kind response and warning. Though thank you for your comment.

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