Windows Explorer - WINDOWS 98SE

  DaveLH 17:34 12 Feb 2005

For the last few days the Windows Explorer View Option - Details just gives me a blank page. Actually it gives what I assume is the total disk space of the folder being investigated and disk space available at the bottom and has a slider (of the correct size) down the right hand side. The other Options Choices - List, Large Icons, Small Icons - are all functioning satisfactorily.

Have I inadvertently disabled this option? Any advice on bringing back DETAILS would be much appreciated.

I do have a CD-Rom for WINDOWS 98SE so I could re-install Windows Explorer if I knew what folders or files to use. Again if re-installing Windows Explorer is the best solution advice would be appreciated.

  VoG II 17:43 12 Feb 2005

Restart in MS-DOS mode. Type


and press Enter. This will check for missing or corrupted files. You may be asked to insert the Windows CD.

  VoG II 17:44 12 Feb 2005

Actually it should work from Start, Run, SFC

  DaveLH 15:36 13 Feb 2005

Accessed from Desktop as you suggested:-


It stated that:-
setupx.dll from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM was damaged.

Did a FIND for file setupx.dll on my CD-Rom for WINDOWS 98SE but could not locate said file.

Reran SFC and it did not find any damaged files.

Further advice appreciated.

  csqwared 17:27 13 Feb 2005

You can download a copy of the .dll from here click here


  Simsy 17:59 13 Feb 2005

is within a .CAB file

Win98/PRECOPY2.CAB is where you'll find it, on the Windows 98 CD



  DaveLH 16:14 14 Feb 2005

I thank csqwared and simsy for their suggestions.

I tried both suggested approaches that is (1) downloading from this forum, and (2) copying over from CD-Rom. In each case the new version of setupx.dll made no difference - the "details" option still gave "blank" pages.

I did a "FIND" on setupx.dll and discovered copies were in (1) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM , (2) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS , (3) C:\WINDOWS\desktop\old drive files\WINDOWS\SYSTEM
and C:\WINDOWS\Helpdesk\SFC

Is it possible there is confliction somewhere?

Your help still required

  csqwared 21:04 14 Feb 2005

Just done a FIND on my system (Win98Se) and the only entry for this .dll is in c:\windows\system. The thought occurs to me that you could try going back to a previous registry setting and see if starts working again. If you re-start in DOS mode and type scanreg/restore you will be presented with the last five (I think) registry backups and the dates. Select one and the system will re-boot to that registry setting. You could, I suppose, try deleting all the other copies of the .dll except for the c:\windows\system one, making sure you back things up first, and trying that.


  DaveLH 22:58 14 Feb 2005

Have reduced my "setupx.dll" to just one in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM although I have copies of the form "" in My Documents.

Went into DOS mode and entered "scanreg/restore".
This gave the 5 latest entries but unfortunately I had created them all in the past 5 days that is since my problem started. I picked the earliest but that had an error - picked a slightly newer one and that was accepted.

However it made no difference at all.

Are we sure that "setupx.dll" is the file we should be investigating - is it the one that contains the code for the VIEW options of WINDOWS EXPLORER? Are you sure that I could not have inadvertently "zeroed" out what should appear in the Detail option.

Help still badly needed.

  csqwared 19:42 15 Feb 2005

No, not sure that is the problem file, just an assumption following your SFC scan. I have found this though click here;en-us;179875 which may be of some help. If not the only thing I can suggest is for you to install the OS again from your CD over the top of the existing installation, once again ensuring you back up any important files.


  csqwared 20:08 15 Feb 2005

Sorry that should be click here;en-us;179875 :-((


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