Windows Explorer Thumbnail Preview bug

  Exodio 04:34 22 May 2006

Very odd problem is happening with Windows Explorer in XP Home Edition (v 5.1 service pack 2). The preview picture for the folder icons for many folders shows up as a thumbnail from a particular folder of pictures I have. It doesn't matter what the settings are on the folder, the preview thumbnail doesn't reflect what is in the actual folder, but it is a random picture from my other picture folder.

This problem has also infected Windows Media Player - If there is no preview picture for an album, it will pull a thumbnail from this picture folder. I have noticed it pulls a picture from one or two other folders, but for the most part it is from this one folder.

I have searched and searched for this bug online, but cannot find any mention of it. If it is not clear what I mean please let me know.

"c:/my documents/wife/pics" with have a thumbnail preview from "c:/my documents/miscellaneous/pics" in Windows Explorer instead of a picture from the "/wife/pics" folder.

Thanks in advance for any help!

  Taff™ 06:48 22 May 2006

Have you tried selecting the folder containing the pictures and then right click and properties. Under the customise tab select restore defaults. If this works (I`ll be amazed)but it means that a registry key has been corrupted.

  Exodio 14:56 22 May 2006

I have tried that. It will restore that particular folder to either a blank folder with no picture (When there are no pics inside) or the correct picture for that folder.

So most likely a corrupt registry key would be at fault here?

  Taff™ 16:25 22 May 2006

So my hunch is right then? You corrected the problem?

  Exodio 16:45 22 May 2006

Your hunch is right - on an individual basis. I can correct each folder that comes up with a random preview thumbnail, but the overall problem is still there - I am getting all sorts of folders with incorrect thumbnails. So the infection is still there, and I have to correct each and every instance of it.

And if I manually set a folder to have a specific preview, it doesn't seem to override my specification. It is folders that I haven't set that are being affected.

  Taff™ 06:38 23 May 2006

I feel like the local GP - Diagnosis correct but now I need to refer you to a Specialist Consultant! (I`ve no idea which Registry Entry is involved) I`ll do a bit of research later and post back.

  Taff™ 09:27 23 May 2006

We could try this first - Open Windows Explorer and go to Tools>Folder OptionsView Tab. What happens if you press the "Reset Folders" ?

  Exodio 22:05 23 May 2006

Hi - work has been hectic today. I will be home in a couple hours, will try this and advise.

Thanks for taking the time with helping me!

  Exodio 13:37 24 May 2006

Hey Taff - Didn't get a chance last night to try out your suggestion, will try it tonight after Lost. :D

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