Windows Explorer switches

  montyburns 21:29 06 Aug 2004

I want Windows Explorer to open in a "Classic" view and show two panes, defaulting to show what is on the C:\ drive

I know there are switches for this (something like " /e " ) but can't find them anywhere!

The above will default to C:\ but single pane only

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  Simsy 22:22 06 Aug 2004

I have the following on a shortcut for windows explorer, (My Documents is on my "D" drive);

C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE /n,/e,D:\My Documents

I got this from someone else a long time ago.. I think the syntax is as follows;

n, (for new window)
e, (for "expanded", i.e. the folder is open)
D:/My Documents (is the older in question)

does this help at all?

Good luck,



  montyburns 23:03 06 Aug 2004


Thanks a lot

That was exactly what I needed - just swapped the "D" for "C"

(I quite like XP but prefer the older 95 style interface for many functions - which I neglected to mention in the first posting!)

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