Windows Explorer not working

  Mysticnas 12:21 26 Dec 2003


My brother just called me up with a problem but i can't seem to think what's wrong with it.

Basically, he's trying to open 'My Computer', 'My Documents' and 'Internet Explorer' but he keeps getting an error message saying that Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and must close down.

He's tried doing system restore but the earliest date on that was today, stoopid system restore, it never works.

Then rebooted and pressed F8 for the boot menu and chose "Last know good configuration", but that didn't even work, just said something about a missing file.

So now he's in safe-mode trying to figure it out. I told him to burn copies of all his files but wasn't too sure if the burner would work in safe mode.

Anyway, does anyone know what may be wrong? or how to fix it?

Some posted this method of using the XPpro CD to check for missing or corrupt files? but i can't remember it.

Please help, he's a teacher and don't know anything about computers but he's got a lot of work saved on it.

  Big Elf 12:23 26 Dec 2003

Start, Run sfc /scannow with the CD in the drive

  Big Elf 12:24 26 Dec 2003

P.S. Note the space between sfc and /

  Mysticnas 12:28 26 Dec 2003

have to do it in command promt and hold shift key or summat in when you insert the CD?

  Big Elf 12:39 26 Dec 2003

No, although you probably could run it from a command prompt (I don't know). Put the CD in the drive and as you say hold the shift key. If it does Autostart just close it down and run the command. If he seems to get an error message when it runs tell him to keep clicking 'Retry' (about 20-30 times) until it's finished

  Mysticnas 13:06 26 Dec 2003

restart 20-30 times? how come?

  Big Elf 13:11 26 Dec 2003

Apparently there's a bug that looks for a disk that it says doesn't exist e.g. when I run it on my XP Home system it asks for the XP Professional disk. If I press 'Retry' a lot then it checks all my files but it's a pain keeping having to click every few seconds. For other people it apparently runs fine. You don't have to restart at all, well I didn't.

  hugh-265156 13:14 26 Dec 2003

check in control panel/event viewer for the error and see if its listed here

  Mysticnas 01:08 31 Dec 2003

control panel not working, mycomputer not opening, mo docs not opening.

a few apps from the programs menu are working, nero being one of them, he's just backing up all his docs to CD then might just have to install fresh.

tried getting the repair function off the XP cd but couldn't find it...

  christmascracker 01:15 31 Dec 2003

Repair XP

click here

  Mysticnas 01:31 31 Dec 2003



no good.... i don't know it's not working. oh well..

clean install just as i thought.

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