windows explorer (not ie) very slow

  dylan 23:22 11 Mar 2005

when i click on my computer icon windows takes ages to find my drives c, d cdrom etc, I mean at least 2 minutes.
Anyone have ideas why this could be and how to fix it.
Winxp sp2, 850 duron,512mb ram, 2hard drives 40gig and 20gig, dvdr, dvd-cdrom, dsl modem

  Taw® 23:25 11 Mar 2005

are you protected against spyware?

  dylan 23:28 11 Mar 2005

I have aol spyware protection installed

  Taw® 23:36 11 Mar 2005

go to start, run type in msconfig and see what is in startup. Most recommendations from this site for spyware protection are spywareguard, spywareblaster, adaware and a2,. someone will post with links.

  dylan 23:39 11 Mar 2005

What makes you think it could be a spy program,

  Taw® 23:46 11 Mar 2005

If your comp. has suddenly slowed (I am assuming it has just started to get slow) then one of the initial areas to look is for spyware. Generally this can be installed on your machine without your knowledge, quite often running in the background hogging your resources. There are many other possibilities, it is just a matter of elimination. That is why I say to check in msconfig so you can see what is running in the background.

  dylan 09:38 12 Mar 2005

ran adawarwe, aol spycheck, btspyware check only found a few cookies msconfig startup items
aolsp scedular

  ade.h 19:39 12 Mar 2005

jusched - That is the Sun Java Update utility. It's a bit unnecessary and hogs memory, so you can knock that out for starters.

To investigate the others click here and click here

  ade.h 19:41 12 Mar 2005
  dylan 23:06 12 Mar 2005

stopped some items in startup which i did'nt need
explorer still very slow, just a blank folder with a torch flashing about searching for items.

  griffon 56 00:14 13 Mar 2005

Hi Dylan,

I sympathise with you and this advice might not cure your problem but here are a few sites for malware killers.

Ad-AwareSE click here, a-squared click here, Spybot S&D click here.

A good site for all kinds of freeware utilities to clean up your machine is click here, and click here and click here and click here.

You might find an answer at click here a geeks forum site.

In msconfig all you really need to start are Scan Registry, Systray, Task Monitor and your anti virus and firewall clients for updates to them. You don't need Power Profile and allied progs unless you schedule power downs when the machine is not active for a while, so untick all references to them. Do it in sequence and if anything goes wrong you can always recover by activating the program again.

The program Winspeedup is a gem, search for it in Google, I don't know its site. Best of luck.

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