Windows Explorer locks up after mouse right click

  Appletree 20:40 16 Dec 2004

I have Windows XP + SP2 installed.
Today I found that when in Windows Explorer and a file is highlighted that if I select with the right hand mouse button no pane appears but the message 'Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and must close' appears.
I have sent report to Microsoft, but if 'Don't send' is selected then 'DrWatson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a problem and must close' appears.
If 'Don't send' is selected it locks up and so Ctrl/Alt/Delete must be selected which brings up Windows Task Manager as normal, but the previously selected file appears twice as 'Not responding', selecting the first line and 'End Task', nothing happens. Selecting the second line and 'End Task' allows Windows Explorer to be shut down. Then all returns to normal.
This problem had not appeared until today after I had installed the ULEAD PhotoImpact 6.0 program from the PC Advisor CD ROM of Aug 2004.
Can you please help? What has gone wrong and how do I put the problem right?

  VoG II 20:47 16 Dec 2004

Some possibilities

1) uninstall the program.

1a) as 1) but use System Restore as well


2) Start, Run, type in

sfc /scannow

and click OK. You may be asked to insert your XP CD.

  Appletree 22:02 16 Dec 2004

VoG, thanks for your suggestions but!
Re your 1) & 1a). I have uninstalled the suspect program (and another possible suspect program) and done a System Restore to an earlier point, but the problem remains the same.
Re your 2) after entering sfc /scannow, it askes for the XP Pro CD to be put in, but the problem is that because I have updated to SP2, it then says that the programs in my PC are of a later version than those on the CD so I cannot do a reinstallation of XP Pro. Of course putting in the SP2 CD is of no value as it doesn't have all the XP pro programs.
Do you have any other suggestions?

  VoG II 22:08 16 Dec 2004

I'm not sure whether click here might help.

The other option is a repair of XP. Now listen carefully!

First you need to enter the BIOS. This normally means pressing a key, or combination of keys, immediately after switch-on. A message to this effect usually flashes up on the screen when you switch on, such as "To enter setup press Del". Other common BIOS codes are listed at click here.

When the BIOS screen appears you will see a set of menu options. Look for one labelled Boot or Startup and select the item Boot Order, or First Boot; this will be set to HD0, HD1 or the serial number of your hard disk drive.

Change the setting to read CD, CD-Rom or the serial number of your CD/DVD-Rom drive, Save the Change and Exit the BIOS. Open the CD-Rom drive, insert your XP disk and restart your computer.

You will now see a screen message saying "Press any key to boot from CD", press the spacebar and a message appears informing you that "Set-up is inspecting your hardware configuration". This will be replaced by a blue screen, press Enter and you should see a "Welcome to Setup" menu, press Esc to continue; important, do not press R for Repair as this will start the Recovery Console.

The Windows Licence Agreement will now be displayed. Press F8 to signify acceptance and the next screen will list your operating system (usually just Windows XP). Select it and proceed to the next screen, which will have the option "To Repair the Selected Windows installation press R". Hit the R key and the installation begins.

Windows Set-up will now go through what looks like a normal installation routine so be ready to respond to the prompts. When Set-up has finished, after a couple of restarts you should see your original desktop with all your shortcuts applications and programs.

You will need to go to the Windows Update site to get all of the critical patches.

  gudgulf 22:40 16 Dec 2004

I,ve only come across this problem with DR DivX which did exactly the same thing.There should be a work around for the problem.I will find the disc and install the program on my own pc tomorrow and see if the same thing happens to me.If it does I'll see if the same fix works and get back to you.

However uninstalling the program should resolve the issue so it may be another program,as I think you are suspecting yourself.Can you list the programs you have installed recently? It might just help nail down the culprit.

  woodchip 22:49 16 Dec 2004

Not if it's changed a Windows XP file, and I think that's what it's done

  gudgulf 23:01 16 Dec 2004
  gudgulf 23:05 16 Dec 2004

Sorry got a little trigger happy....I should have added that this is a link relating to the DR DivX problem which is to do with DEP and the fact that a context was added to to right click menu which triggered the explorer crash if I remember correctly.

  gudgulf 15:40 17 Dec 2004

I have now installed Ulead PhotoImpact 6 on my computer and it works just fine.The right click function in explorer is not affected in any way by this program.

Looks like it is not PhotoImpact that is causing the problem.

I've also done a more thorough search on google and the Microsoft website without turning up anything of much use other than the Dr Divx issue mentioned before.

The repair option might work if it is a Windows file that is corrupted or missing but if it *is* one of your programs then you may not have much luck with here

  Appletree 23:02 23 Dec 2004

VoG, I have tried your futher suggestions, firstly the link to the Windows XP Codec info and tried repair of the I386 folder, but without success. I then followed your directions for repair of Windows XP, but unfortunately again it was not successful, I tried this twice to be sure
I then resigned myself to a clean reinstallation of Windows XP, after experincing the inevitble problems, it did correct the Windows problem, but I had lost all my other programs, inc Office XP. So 3 days later I am now 'back in business'!
So may I thank you all for all your info and suggestions, I have learnt a little more about Windows XP in the process!
Gudgulf, re your last comments on Ulead PhotoImpact 6, I do agree with you. It did not cause me a problem until I was closing a window within the program in a manner the sequence of which I cannot precisely recall and it then corrupted Windows.

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