Windows Explorer file association problem

  annief 20:09 24 Jan 2008

Today I copied the instructions from Microsoft of how to get Windows Explorer to print a window. This involved setting up a .bat file in Notepad and then going to tools/options in Explorer, then file type and creating a change to what program opens a file/folder. I now realised I changed what opens all folders because whenever I double click on a folder it opens through the picture editor. I am terrified of making things worse by changing anything again. Can anyone advise me what to do next? thanks.

  Technotiger 20:14 24 Jan 2008

You could do a System Restore back to before you made any changes.

  Technotiger 20:15 24 Jan 2008

Also what do you mean exactly - Print a Window, there are other ways to print a window.

  annief 20:39 24 Jan 2008

When I said print a window, I meant print a list of the files directory as it appeared in Windows Explorer. I can't do the command Print Screen on my computer and I needed a list of the files in a number of folders so that I could compare them with folders in another computer (they're not networked).
I'm really worried that I've changed the registry and will have to reinstall everything but System Restore is a really good idea. I've never used it, does it literally wipe out what you've done in the recent past?
Thank you so much for replying.

  VoG II 20:41 24 Jan 2008

Is this what you did click here

  annief 20:43 24 Jan 2008

Yep, spot on

  Technotiger 20:50 24 Jan 2008

You might find this very handy then -

click here

Ignore the price quoted - it is Free for Home users.

System Restore takes your computer back to before you made the changes - when using System Restore you must choose a date which is shown in BOLD print.

Though VoG™ might come back with a better idea, if he has not already done so while I am typing this. LoL.

  VoG II 20:56 24 Jan 2008

If you read to the end of the article that I posted you are supposed to edit the registry:

1. Start Registry Editor.
2. Locate the Default value under the following key in the registry:
3. Click Modify on the Edit menu.
4. In the Value data box, type:
5. Click OK.
6. Quit Registry Editor.

Did you do this?

  annief 21:40 24 Jan 2008

Sorry, I was offline for a bit. No I didn't do the registry editing because it was under a warning notice and it seemed to say only do it if you got search companion starting when you double clicked on folders and that wasn't happening. Also, once I seemed to have a major problem, I wasn't going to maybe make something worse by doing something I didn't understand. Would following those instructions sort out the problem I have? Thanks.

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