Windows Explorer - Default Folder

  RegScriv 16:14 16 Nov 2012

Can anyone help me configure Windows Explorer so that it doesn't select a default folder. The shortcut is set for "%windir%\explorer.exe" and when I open Windows Explorer with my taskbar shortcut it automatically selects "Libraries" as the default folder - and it does this just as I'm going through the steps to select the folder that I want, pinging the folder tree right away from where I want to be.

Alternatively, does anyone know an app that works better than Windows Explorer.

  RegScriv 10:16 17 Nov 2012

Thanks dr yes, I'll give that a go

  Batch 14:03 17 Nov 2012

These are the Windows Explorer command line arguments (as they were with WinXP and I doubt if they've changed too much).

  alanrwood 15:24 17 Nov 2012

Try this in the target for the Win Explorer icon

C:\Windows\explorer.exe /n, /e, C:

This takes you directly to C:

If you want My Documents replace by "C:\Windows\My Documents" (the " and " are important due to long filename as I remember

  alanrwood 12:26 18 Nov 2012

My reply above was truncated for some reason.

The last paragraph should read

If you want "My Documents" replace C: with "C:\Path\"My Documents" (where path is the path on your machine to My Docs). (the " and " are important due to long filename as I remember.

This method works for any location you choose and will open the tree at the specified location.

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