Windows Explorer Annoyance

  Eileanbeag 12:26 09 Mar 2004

Could anyone tell me how to tell Windows Explorer (Windows XP Home) to open with My Computer? It opens by default with My Documents. - always opened at My Computer in Windows 98

  tafoody 12:41 09 Mar 2004

on the shortcut for windows explorer, right-click choose properties and change target to;

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,

other options click here

  Seth Haniel 14:04 09 Mar 2004

i was after that tweak myself
And It Works

  Eileanbeag 15:56 09 Mar 2004

Many thanks - Windows Explorer is back to Old Familiar Look.

  Eileanbeag 16:01 14 Mar 2004

I was telling a friend of your advice and he wondered if it was possible to tell Windows Explorer to open with C disk - any answers?

  tafoody 16:08 14 Mar 2004

check the link i gave, and scroll down to the accepted answer, there are lots of options available.

eg, > All drives visible but only C: highlighted and expanded: %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,c:

  Indigo 1 16:10 14 Mar 2004

Great site !



  Eileanbeag 20:07 14 Mar 2004

Many thanks!

  MIke 22:41 29 Jun 2004

Add to my postings

  Agent Smith 23:00 29 Jun 2004

Thanks for that, been driving me nuts too.

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