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  [DELETED] 20:59 23 Apr 2006

Windows 98SE - Explorer.exe problem.
Hi Folks - after a number of enforced Reset Button shutdowns, my Explorer program, not surprisingly, seems to have thrown a "wobbly".
For some reason I am now unable to create new folders or subfolders.

The default method is to highlight the drive/folder for which you wish to create a main or subfolder, click on "File" on the Menu bar, this presents a number of options, the first one of which is "New".
Selecting this option gives 2 choices: "Folder" or "Shortcut".
Clicking on "Folder" presents a dialogue box into which you type a name for the new folder and press "Enter".

In my case, clicking on "File" of the Menu bar does present me with a dropdown menu, but this one does NOT contain the "New" option, only a greyed-out "create shortcut" comment; the rest of the normal options ARE present.

Thinking that the Explorer program may have been corrupted, I used the "sfc" program to extract explorer.exe from my Win98SE CD and replace the possibly corrupt version.

This has no had no effect, so I am still stymied!

Here's hoping again that those excellent PV Advisor gurus and helpers can solve this one for me before I have to resort (yet again!) to the dreaded command Deltree c:\windows /y followed by a couple of boring weeks of restoring everything back to some semblance of normality!!

On the other hand the problem MAY have been caused by something other than faulty shutdown techniques?

Thank a Lot

  woodchip 21:02 23 Apr 2006

If you are in normal Windows Not safe Mode, Shut down computer TO DOS. Then type SCANREG /RESTORE choose old date before the Problem to restore

  [DELETED] 21:09 23 Apr 2006

Not to sure if this will run on 98se it does on 98,click here
This program finds and repairs errors,it may help you in your cause.

You will need the registry optimiser trial version.The trial version is unlimited but will only repair 10 errors at any one time.
Good luck.

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