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  Submariner1967 11:46 16 Jun 2009

There is a notification shield above the "Turn Off" icon saying that there is a download waiting but it never downloads.
I always get "This has failed to download" after trying to install it using the yellow icon on the bottom right toolbar. The download in question is a "Windows Genuine Advantage Notification" KB905474.
I find this annoying as according to the list of updates in "Add & Remove" this was downloaded on the /11/2008.
If anyone can advise me on how to sort out this very annoying glitch I would be very grateful.

Go to your windows dir..

Vista or XP has this directory


rename it to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.old

restart pc

then restart your pc..

then running windows update..

Once eberything is ok.

Do a spyware scan

click here

download free edition update and scan

Do a virus scan with your AV software


click here

If you dont have one..

restart pc

then do a system restore

everything should be ok..

A failed install sticks in into a loop..

Let us know how you get on..

good luck..

For got to say should anything go wrong

just remove the old off that directory

delete new made dirC:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.old

rename it to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

remove new made dir

restart pc.

  Submariner1967 12:32 16 Jun 2009

Thanks for that my friend the only problem and you may laugh is where do I find the Windows dir. as posted in your reply? As a budding 62 year young pc dabbler, I am still finding my way around all the technical and less technical jargon, so can youpoint me in the right direction please?

  T I M B O 13:03 16 Jun 2009

Click "start"
click "My Computer"
Double Click "Local Disk (C:)
Double Click "Windows"
Then look for "SoftwareDistribution"

For give me mate I for got to put what TIMBO has put...

Please for give me.. I was too busy remind myself where it was i for got to do the basic bit lol sorry..

Just do what TIMBO has said and then do what i say ok..

Thanks Timbo :)

Feel free to ask any thing you wish ok..

I or some else well get back to you

Picking up all the jargan took me about a year then I bulit my own pc..

Take care

  Submariner1967 14:01 19 Jun 2009

Thanks to "Tucker1975" and to "Timbo" for your suggestions but still no luck.
I did as advised and tried to rename Software distribution but was told that this was not allowed for some technical reasons, so any further suggestions or advice would be welcome as it is still tormenting me, I guess it's now becoming personal!

  peter99co 14:12 19 Jun 2009

They will help with this kind of problem by Email

click here

  kdt 21:24 19 Jun 2009

Tucker1975 + Timbo perhaps you can advise Graham try Dial-a-fix it may be simpler.

Do you have XP service pack 3 installed?

to find out

Control panel system infomation i think it was ( i have vista now)

click here

for dial a fix

tick all boxes and click go i think it is

That should fix it...

for you ive used it when i had xp

click here

screen shot press go after ticking all boxes ok..

good luck let us know how you get on mate..

I know it is crazy computers but they great when they work..

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