Windows dont recognise my mouse driver

  pj1664 20:35 07 Nov 2003

Hello Helproom, I have a problem with my my mouse. On some occasion my windows load up ok, no problems but on some occasions it does not recognise my mouse being there, message reads "Windows did not detect your mouse and windows freezes until I press enter and let windows finish loading up and I have to re-start windows again hopeing it would detect my mouse and sometimes it does and sometimes I have to go through the whole process again. I have loaded and reloded the drivers for it and windows keep saying the best driver is already being used. What else can I do? I am useing windows 98. Please advice

  A_World_Maker 20:46 07 Nov 2003

Have you tried unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in.. then restart windows?

  flecc 20:50 07 Nov 2003

You could try removing it in Device Manager and let Windows reinstall it with the default driver.

To do that, right click My Computer, choose Properties, then Device Manager. Click the + next to mouse to show your mouse, highlight it and click the Remove button. Then press your restart switch to reboot the computer and let Windows reinstall the mouse which it will do automatically.

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