Windows disappearing?

  Black Strider 11:36 04 Jan 2005

Can anyone help me with disappearing screens?
I tried to log on to E bay this morning, which was succesfull and the program worked fine, untill i tried to log into the selling area. Then the whole page dissapeared and left me with the start up screen.
On repeating the act everything was again fine untill calling up the selling area!
Any idea's?

  Diemmess 12:24 04 Jan 2005

Not wishing to be the wicked fairy at the feast, if this is the same computer that had AVG7 troubles, I wonder if the problem is malware of some sort?

  Bellboy 12:28 04 Jan 2005

I had a similar problem with Ebay and there seemed no logic to where my browser took me.

I installed Spybot which found some malware and fixed it.

  Black Strider 13:15 04 Jan 2005

Mmm! maybe, but I've been scanning and spy doctor and Giant'e anti spyware etc, infact everything i can throw at it!
Even a trial version of System Machanic did it's work last night!
Computer started ok this morning but certain programs like E bay have this problem when changing screens! ????

  Diemmess 14:06 04 Jan 2005

You haven't mentioned your OS, and therefore what chances there are of some backup being restored?

I feel there are fashions in useful freeware, but mostly the programs recommended on this forum work well.

You unfortunately have had trouble with AVG but have you run Ad-aware? From personal experience this can show almost every nastie going, though "fixing the problem" isn't quite final enough for the deeply embedded stuff, which can turn up by next time you run it.
At least Ad-aware or even Spybot may give you some clues.

  Bellboy 15:47 04 Jan 2005

Recent PC Advisor article states that freeware apps are "losing their grip".
sadly it may now be time to start paying for protecton?


  Black Strider 18:49 04 Jan 2005

I run XP Home and i have now dumped AVG for Kaspersky Personal 5. Yes i have used Ad-aware and all seems to be clear!
Mmm! Asking E bay seems to be fruitless as they don't seem to want to know.

  Black Strider 20:04 08 Jan 2005

Solved all my problems by unistalling XP and reinstalling it! Pity it took me two days!
Thanks to all

  rdave13 21:02 08 Jan 2005

Me thinks a bad move. I use avg,avast,sygate,spybot,spywareblaster and a few more...and run them once a week Ad-aware is one of the best anti spyware around.Now you have reinstalled XP;then run all your defences before anything else.

  Black Strider 21:34 09 Jan 2005

All up and running but not with AVG 7.0.
But it takes an age to reinstall all your bits and pieces. There has to be an easier way of unloading and loading xp!
Note! You have to erase sp2 before running your XPCD! Thanks again all!

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