Windows Desktop irritation

  John Ross 22:08 12 Dec 2004

Can anyone help?
when I get a new computer the text on the destop is simply wrtten onto,the desktop background.
this looks nice.
then, at some point when I am fiddling about making cosmetic changes the text changes such that it now appears in a little rectangle of what seems to be the backgrpound colour in the "Desktop Colour".
I can't seem to change it back.
this has happened on 3 successive computers, and I would be grateful to know hwat I am doing wrong and how to undo it.

  Jeffers22 00:11 13 Dec 2004

It depends on the OS. For Win9x you will need to use tweakui98 - it's still available on the Microsoft site somewhere. In XP - Right click on desktop. Click down to Properties, then open the Desktop tab. Click on the Customize Desktop button, then open the Web tab. Delete everything in the Web Pages box except, My Current Home Page. Press OK, then Apply, and maybe OK again. Possibly restart for settings to take effect. Should solve the problem. You will also need to ensure your wallpaper is in bmp format and not jpg or png - if memory serves correctly.

  John Ross 21:23 13 Dec 2004

I tlloks like it was because I was using a JPEG file.
At first it didn't look like your suggestion had worked, but then I did the "Ok, Apply, Ok
etc etc" and for some reason it magically sorted.

  Graham ® 21:44 13 Dec 2004

Jpeg is OK for desktop.

John Ross, you aren't the first to forget to click Apply!

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