Windows Defenders and AntiSpyware

  ruskle 17:57 17 Apr 2006

I installed Microsoft AntiSpyware some time ago, today I heard about Defender so installed that. Is it the same software updated or are they two different programs. Do they do the same job, if so should I remove AntiSpyware?


  remind 18:00 17 Apr 2006

Defender is the updated Antispyware, use one or the other. I must say I prefer the interface and general usabilty of AS and it still works fine, although Defender is new and improved.

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  ruskle 18:07 17 Apr 2006

Thanks remind. I thought they may be the same when I ran it. I have played around with the setting in Defender and I think I have the hang of it. I haven't made up my mind what to do yet. I did save both to file when I originally download each of them so it won't be a problem to reinstall.

Thanks again, you were very quick with your reply,


  Taff™ 18:08 17 Apr 2006

I thought that installing Defender automatically removed Microsoft Antispy - certainly not worth having them both. I don`t think you can get MS Antispware updates any more - support finished weeks ago!

  remind 18:15 17 Apr 2006

Last time I used AS it appeared it was supported until the end of July 2006, it seemed to be updating regularly though I didn't go to the bother of checking precise update version numbers. I could well be wrong.
"By design, Windows Defender (Beta 2) Refresh removes Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) and previous Windows Defender (Beta 2) releases.
" from MS Antispyware/Defender site

  ruskle 10:03 18 Apr 2006

Ok Chaps, I thought they were different programs as both icons were on the screen. When I tried to run AS again it couldn't be found, so I deleted the icon and now realise that Defender has taken over from it. I will stay with defender now.

Thanks "remind" and "taff".


  Stuartli 10:52 18 Apr 2006

>>I don`t think you can get MS Antispware updates any more - support finished weeks ago!>>

Not true. Update 5833 is the latest version number.

It is regularly updated by Microsoft and my copy doesn't expire until July.

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