Windows Defender Switched OFF

  davidmoore 16:00 08 Feb 2010

I have a problem with Windows Defender, and would appreciate some assistance please.

Following each Computer Boot Up, Windows Defender is turned OFF, and I have to turn it on manually.
I have tried Uninstalling it and reinstalling, but this makes no difference.
I have ensured that "MSASCui.exe" is included in the StartUp list, but it has the suffix "- hide" at the end of the entry. I don't understand the significance of this, or how it appears, or how to amend it if necessary.
Can anyone advise how to ensure that Windows Defender is always started automatically on computer startup please?

  birdface 16:09 08 Feb 2010

If using MSE that will turn W/Defender off.

  johndrew 16:09 08 Feb 2010

Mine has been doing this for some time. I think it started after an AVG update.

I feel (right or wrong) AVG has made some changes which turns Defender off for some reason - possibly because AVG now has Anti-Spyware and a Resident Shield.

Of the two I think AVG is the better so I don`t worry a great deal and start Defender a few times a week to update it and do a scan. AVG is on at all times the PC is running.

  johndrew 16:10 08 Feb 2010

I don`t use MSE so it can`t be that in my case.

  birdface 16:23 08 Feb 2010

Do you use windows One care or AVG.

  davidmoore 16:31 08 Feb 2010

Thank you all for your suggestions, however I don't use MSE or Windows One Care, but I do run AVG free version.

  birdface 16:34 08 Feb 2010

It does look as though AVG turns Windows Defender off like johndrew says but if you have had both downloaded for a while and it has just happened I can't think what else it could be.

  davidmoore 20:19 08 Feb 2010

I've had a suggestion from another source that maybe AVG is the "culprit", so I think I'll just accept the idea & learn to live with it. Thank you all for your co-operation.

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