Windows Defender Question

  johndrew 11:25 03 May 2006

I saw this click here (rather heated) post and wondered whether I have done the right thing.

My MS AntiSpyware was getting close to its sell by date and having had a little bit of a problem the last time I allowed it to get too close to the limit of its life before updating, I have installed Defender. Obviously the interface is quite different but given they are both Beta releases I figured the natural progression was from the existing, valid AntiSpyware to Defender in about 3 months time.

Should I have stayed with the `old` AntiSpyware or is it OK to go to Defender? Or should I reinstall AntiSpyware?

  Jackcoms 11:36 03 May 2006

"Should I have stayed with the `old` AntiSpyware or is it OK to go to Defender?"

The choice is yours. (Almost) everything that was said in the thread you refer to is just as relevant.

Defender (and, indeed, MS AntiSpyare) are Beta products and, thus, still in development and still 'buggy'.

  Totally-braindead 12:10 03 May 2006

Missed that thread the first time round, thankfully.

I know a bit about computers and personally wouldn't touch a Beta version with a bargepole. Once all the bugs are sorted out its a totally different kettle of fish. I use AdAware which is free, and Counterspy which is free for 15 days then $20 for a year, about £11. I also use free AVG and Zonealarm free for a Firewall as well as CCleaner which is also free and have had no problems.

Have to agree with Jackcoms, the choice is yours. You can use it if you want but you had better be prepared for the odd glitch as it is still in testing hence the Beta.

  ade.h 15:29 03 May 2006

I could only find one glitch and it was a minor one: there's a Start Scan button that appears alongside the warning message when you haven't scanned for a while, and it just generates an error message, but you can just click on Scan from the toolbar instead.

As I said in that other thread, if MS tweaks the updating and scanning options - similar to what theye were like in Beta 1 would be fine - so that it auto-updates without having to schedule scans, it would be fine. Apart from any bugs, that's about all that needs fixing, in my opinion.

One thing that I like about it above all else; it's the only FREE product (AFAIK) that has active AV-style monitoring. You normally have to pay for that.

  johndrew 16:04 03 May 2006

Thanks everyone.

It looks as if I am probably no worse off than before from what you all say so I may as well stay with Defender.

The only thing I have found annoying/confusing so far is the update mechanism. With AntiSpyware when I clicked on `update` I could see an action taking place (either searching, found, downloading or installing). Now all I get is an icon on the Taskbar with a green tick in it and I am unsure of whether the program is updating or what - or does that icon mean that it has done all it is going to do?

The only facility I miss is the ability to check for Windows updates from the Help options - not the end of the world though.

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