Is Windows Defender good enough

  wilfinfrance 15:07 18 Jun 2017

I have used AVG antivirus for years and always been happy, but it is now getting very pricey, especially when they produce extras which all seem to be another £20 or so. I asked about Windows Defender and have been told it is not good enough. You did not even mention it in your reviews. Is Defender good enough on its own please?

  wee eddie 15:09 18 Jun 2017


  Govan1x 17:40 18 Jun 2017

No it's not although you get some members using it they usually have their computers well backed up in case of problems.

Just Google Avg sale or whatever and you will get it at a fraction of the cost that you were getting from AVG direct.

  wee eddie 08:48 19 Jun 2017

If you are a Saint and very savvy in what you click on, Defender will be sufficient. if you're not, go elsewhere.

There is absolutely no need to spend any money but, all the Free AVs require you to do the Upgrades and run the Scans, yourself.

  john bunyan 09:11 19 Jun 2017

I agree with rdave13. The latest w 10 version of Defender seems even better . I use it alongside MBAM premium with no problem, and my local repair shop agrees.

  wee eddie 10:52 19 Jun 2017

Surely, buying MBAM Premium (it costs about £20) totally negates the reason for having a Free AV

  john bunyan 11:46 19 Jun 2017

wee Eddie

Luckily I bought 2 MBAM lifetime licenses for £10 each from a source no longer available!!

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