Windows default colour

  watchful 14:05 31 Mar 2003

Yesterday (Win XP) through appearances & themes, Display, Desktop, appearance - I changed the colour to olive green instead of the default bright blue.
Today I cannot view pictures I put on eBay. Is this the reason?

  MAJ 14:14 31 Mar 2003

I wouldn't think so, watchful, post a link let us see if the pictures are viewable for everyone else.

  watchful 14:19 31 Mar 2003

This is one page: click here

The small pic next to the header usually loads straight away. The large one takes a few secs to load but It is not loading at all for me.

  MAJ 14:24 31 Mar 2003

Ahhh I used to use those when I was a toolmaker, watchful. Yes the pictures are loading.

  Ben Avery (Work) 14:24 31 Mar 2003

works fine for me, both pictures loaded instantly.


  watchful 14:26 31 Mar 2003

Thank you. So I have to go back to the old bright blue then?

  watchful 14:27 31 Mar 2003

Don't suppose you want to place a bid then??

  MAJ 14:28 31 Mar 2003

Can you right-click, choose "Show Picture" and see them, watchful?

  MAJ 14:31 31 Mar 2003

"Don't suppose you want to place a bid then??"

I must admit, I'm tempted for old times sake, watchful, but the missus would have a Sean Connery if I brought any more stuff home.

  watchful 14:32 31 Mar 2003

Didn't need to do that. Just went back and they came on! Must have been a temporary glitch somewhere.
Thank you for testing it for me.

  watchful 14:34 31 Mar 2003

Ah! shame. My other half is quite sad to part with them - he's a redundant engineer.

I'll tick this off now.

Many thanks for your usual prompt responses.

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