Windows Critical Updates

  Nick Dalton 10:18 06 Jul 2004

I've run this recently & have 3 critical updates to install. Reviewed & installed. Got a sucessful installation message. But when I run the update again I still get told to download the same 3 critical updates ....any ideas?

  sattman 19:57 06 Jul 2004

When you go look "updates installed" does it see the three as installed.?

  Nick Dalton 11:07 08 Jul 2004

Yes it does. The updates are all about windows explorer version 6 but I think I'm version 5 thought not sure how to tell could this be the reason?

  ventanas 11:09 08 Jul 2004

Help menu\About will give you the version.

  Cook2 11:12 08 Jul 2004

Try Big Fix click here
and see what it comes up with. You may have to cut and paste the link.

  Nick Dalton 11:16 08 Jul 2004

so if the version is 5 or 5.5 as I suspect (as I've had messages saying they detect version 5 & can speed me up) I have a few questions:-

Why would update offer patches for version 6?
Should I go to version 6 & how do I do that...use this sites download area?

thanks for advice

  Nick Dalton 09:14 09 Jul 2004

reviewed it last night & it is version 6 . So does anyone know why I can't get past these 3 patches?

  bgc2668 09:37 09 Jul 2004

Try instaling them one at a time, maybe it is just one that is causing the problem.

  sattman 08:45 10 Jul 2004

Somewhere microsoft advises if problems install each one seperataly and maybe rebooting each time

  sattman 08:57 10 Jul 2004

Looking at the thread again - From the information you give It would seem that you are on version 6 and that you have the latest patches.

I am aware that microsoft update has a bug where search for patches can advise that you require when in fact you allready have them.

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