LANDCRUISER 12:23 03 Mar 2004

Please help,i am trying to download from windows critical downloads,it seems that it come into my pc,but when i check the download site it tell me that i need the same critical download again,i have windows xp home edition.

i managed to download all the critical updates, but it wouldn't install them at once - it installed maybe 3 at a time.

I ended up trying about 7 times before all my updates were installed, so all i have to advise is persevere. hth.

  LANDCRUISER 14:52 04 Mar 2004

Thanks for your responce Nan Ominous i tried severall times to download,there must be a reason why we cannot download these critical downloads,what did you do to get them.

  temp003 06:59 05 Mar 2004

The Windows Update scan engine can make mistakes. Sometimes an update has been properly installed but WU insists that you need it again. Sometimes after a while, it will stop.

You can also click Installation History on the left and scroll down to see whether the update has ever been successfully installed (you'll get a list of the recent failed attempts, but go through the entire list).

If you're really worried that it might not have been installed properly, you could go to Add/Remove programs, and see if it's listed there, then remove it. Restart, and let WU install it.

If in doubt, for every update listed after the scan, there's a "Read More" link, which takes you to the bulletin, which contains a further link to the download site for XP. Click the link and click Download on the page and choose Save to Disk. (This is a better way of keeping these updates .exe files anyway, if ever you need to reapply the updates.)

After saving it to disk, double click the .exe file and see if it will install.

You could also check yourself whether an update has been properly installed by going into the registry (using regedit), and then compare the file version number stated in the registry key with the version number of the actual file (which is supposed to have been updated) on your computer. Don't think you need to do that. If you're really interested, post back.

  LANDCRUISER 16:09 05 Mar 2004

thank Temp 003 for your help,i checked to see if it had downloaded in add-remove section & it has done,so i should be ok.i also cheked the reg & this is fine. thanks again landcruiser.

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