Windows crash after sound card install

  sputnick 08:45 23 Mar 2007

I have recently out of the blue had a problem with windows XP not starting.
I tried all the diagnostic tests and eventually a clean reinstall.
I then decided to install a new larger hard drive incase the drive was faultly.
The problem was still there. I narrowed it down to the driver for my Trust sound card.Each time i installed the software the pc would crash and I got a message winsows has recovered from a serious fault.
I would go back using restore point and it would be fine.I then used restore points for everything I re-installed.At the moment I am using the onboard sound chip and everythings fine.
I can`t understand why something thats been in the pc for so long has suddenly caused the probs.I went to the trust site but the driver on there is the same as I was using anyway.I downloaded this driver just in case my one was damaged but still the same.
Any suggestions please.
The main reason for using the sound card was for the game port.

  [email protected] 10:29 23 Mar 2007

Components fail :-(
I would suspect the card, have you tried it in a different PCI slot?
You have also done a lot of installing/restoring etc so your problem may lie there. Did you do a clean install onto the new HDD?
A clean install has to be done with the minumum of hardware connected and drivers/components added one at a time - beginning with all the mobo drivers.
If, as you say, everything is fine until you install the soundcard/driver then you have either a software conflict or faulty card. What to do?
I would un-install everything related to the sound card and the card itself, including drivers, then run the Reg Cleaner section of CCleaner, followed by a full system file check (sfc /scannow).
### some sofware states specifically the software MUST be installed before the hardware, check if this is the case. Try the install again and see if it falls over.

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