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Windows could not start software error

  Strawballs 11:29 12 Jan 2006

When we try to start my daughters computer all we get is a message "windows could not start because of an error in the software.
Please report this problem as:
Load needed DLLs for HAL.
Please contact your support person to report this problem.

Win XP Pro.

  Strawballs 11:37 12 Jan 2006

Sorry problem solved, it was a new stick of memory that I put in last night.

Worked fine when I installed it was working fine this morning then computer just stopped working only noticed it when I went to access it from the laptop for some photo's that are on it and was told that I could not do that so I went into the daughters room to see what was going on only to find message on the screen.

I have just taken out the new stick and it works fine (I did try it with just the new one to make sure it was not a conflict between them but got the same message)

  Strawballs 12:12 12 Jan 2006

Thanks PaulB2005 for that but it said load needed DLLs for HAL which as I said was cured by removing the new memory stick

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