Windows clock problem not allowing updates?

  Mysticnas 16:35 23 Feb 2004

Hi all,

I've experienced this problem quite a lot since my last install of XPpro. Every time i go to the microsoft website i keep getting and error...

"Windows Update has encountered an error. This may be due to a discrepancy in your computer's time setting.

To check your date and time setting:

On the taskbar, double-click the time.
Verify that the date and time is correct. "

I don't think it's the CMOS battery as my pc is on almost 24/7 as it's a host for a network, and the motherboard was bought about a year ago.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:50 23 Feb 2004

Silly question perhaps, but have you checked that the time is correct on the pc?

  Mysticnas 16:53 23 Feb 2004

the time is correct and always has been.

  ventanas 16:54 23 Feb 2004

True though, if the clock is out by two weeks, I think, Win Update will fail.

However the error code I got when I had this problem with a new PC recently also covers a score of other causes. The code was 0x800c0008. Its possible it may be one of these and Microsoft have just highlighted one of them.

Try typing this into the knowledge base and see what comes up.

  Mysticnas 16:55 23 Feb 2004

causes were there?

  gold 47 17:01 23 Feb 2004

Have you set your internet zone to GMT because the clock will still show the correct time even if your internet zone is set to EST but this incorrect setting will have an effect.

  ventanas 17:03 23 Feb 2004

Can't remember now, but it was a few.

  Mysticnas 17:05 23 Feb 2004

setting is at GMT 00:00 London

  gold 47 17:19 23 Feb 2004

Also check your firewall is set to allow MS updates turn your firewall off NOT FOR TO LONG and see if you can download.

  Digital 19:21 23 Feb 2004

All of a suden I find I have the same problem with W98SE which used to work OK. Is it anything MS have done? Anyone else having this problem?

  Mysticnas 19:23 23 Feb 2004

it's been working fine. It's just a few times. And today i tired to get a new critical update and it's not letting me at it.

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