Windows can't start many programs

  Aleks K. 16:49 19 Mar 2018


I have a very serious problem and I tried everything and nothing worked so far so I hope someone here can help me.

So one day I was working on my PC and suddenly some programs stopped working. So I decided to restart (thought it's just a registry bug or something since I rarely shut down or restart my machine). So after the restart, almost none of the startup programs did start and I couldn't start them manually either. When I tried to start something that has a ".exe" it asked what program should I open it with. Also, some system operations couldn't start, like the Tak manager. I tried everything and after failing I decided to do a clean reinstall of the whole system.

After formatting the drive and reinstalling Windows 10 everything was fine. Then at some point, some applications stopped working again and the Task manager stopped and the only way to start the Task manager is through "run" and run it as an Admin. Since then, this is the only way for me to start almost all programs - as Admin.

Since then I reinstalled a few times and at some point, the same problem always comes back. I ran out of ideas, it's so random..

The last time, after installing some programs that I need for work, I decided to create a system image, just in case. Restarted the PC, made sure everything was working fine and started the process. It's a very long process since I have quite a lot of data and while creating the system image I decided not to install anything new until its complete. Then, at around 80%, while creating the backup, the problem reoccured out of nowhere and now I'm back to the beginning.

I have no idea as to what's even causing this. So please, anyone, I need this PC for work and I'm already days behind schedule because of this problem and the deadlines are closing in fast.

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