Windows boot sector corrupted, cant boo

  Mahtaran 16:39 07 Mar 2018

Dear people,

A little time ago I bought an new SSD, the Samsung 960 Pro. Of course, I wanted to move my Windows installation to my SSD. Firstly I tried the default Samsung software, but that didn't work. Well, ok, Macrium Reflect Free then. Everything fine, booting alright and... Windows update. "The PC will be rebooted several times". Unknowingly I clicked on "ok", and a little time later... it was in a reboot loop. Apparently Windows didn't know which of the two installations (SSD and HDD) to boot from. Well then, in the command prompt, boorec and... I f*cked up.

Then we entered the situation I'm currently in. Boot screen, and after that nothing. With an USB Stick with Windows installation software I can still go to the command prompt, but bootrec now gives an "Element not found" error. I'd like to fix my Windows Installation without having to reinstall all my programs again. ... I've already tried a lot, but to no success yet. ... Hopefully someone can help me. If you need any more information, let me know.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:38 10 Mar 2018

click here these answers may help

  rdave13 19:15 10 Mar 2018

Remove the HDD (as it has Windows on). With just the SSD use Macrium image to install again.

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