windows boot / pc failure

  Jomi 12:01 21 Mar 2004

Can anyone give me any help / advice or suggestions for the following please.

I bought a new motherboard (ASUS a7n8x-x) and cpu
AMD 3200 along with a suitable heatsink and fan to upgrade my system (msi 6382e ver 3, AMD 2200+)
The installation was straight forward but when I powered up it wouldn't boot into windows. I've checked the ram compatibility and that's ok, the only thing I coud find which might have contribtud is that the power supply is 250watts and the minimum required for the new board is 230watts - 300watts for a fully configured system, removing all the peripherals didn't help.
After repeated attempts I removed the upgrade stuff and rebuilt the old system, now that won't even power up at all - not even into the bios, in fact nothing!
I'm completely clueless as to how to get it going again.
I'm running windows xp pro, 512mb ddr pc 3200 (I also have 2 sticks of 256mb ddr pc 2100 but didn't mix them)
any help would be much appreciated, either to make the upgrade or the original system work again.

  Indigo 1 12:13 21 Mar 2004

Does your PC beep when starting up ?

What does it sound like ?

  Jomi 12:17 21 Mar 2004

Hi indigo,

No there's nothing on the rebuilt system, but then there's no case speaker and the external speakers are all disconnected.

  AndySD 12:22 21 Mar 2004

How far into the boot process does it go?

  Jomi 12:28 21 Mar 2004

On the rebuilt old system there's nothing at all - no sounds - nothing on screen, no lights on the case - nothing.

The same power lead is connecting this pc - so it isn't that, but it could be the power supply.

  AndySD 12:31 21 Mar 2004

Yes 250w is very low for a ASUS a7n8x-x.

The old pc was it a compaq?

  Jomi 12:36 21 Mar 2004

The old pc is Time, with a msi motherboard (MSI 6382e ver 3), which I can't find on the MSI website - only version2!
The 250w power supply was working fine with that board now there's nothing.

I thought about buying a new case with bigger power supply for the ASUS board but I don't want to waste money by finding that wasn't the problem

  Indigo 1 12:38 21 Mar 2004

On the 20 pin ATX connector there is only one green wire, if you connect it to any black wire on the ATX connector it will start up the PSU.

Disconnect from motherboard first and use a bent paperclip as a connector, only connect for a couple of seconds to lessen the risk of overheating the psu.

If the PSU starts and fans spin check the output with a case fan connected to one of the other connectors.

  Jomi 12:51 21 Mar 2004

I tried that and the psu does start up, I can't check output though, I have a multimeter but it only does voltages and ohms but not amps.

  Jomi 13:09 21 Mar 2004

indigo 1, does this mean I've established that the psu runs?
If that's the case then it worked ok on this system before WITH all the peripherals attached,
the pc is on a table now with just a power lead attached - no monitor or anything else external is connected at the moment.

  Jomi 14:22 21 Mar 2004


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